Dynamic : Push


After speaking to Joe this morning, I felt quite confident about the push and stop motion. I had found quite a few references online and had also acted it out myself. I was more confident about foot placements first of all, especially the lean into the wall, I think this is the most confident part of the animation.


I am happy with these animations in the sense that the do portray a push in a way but they are definitely too fast and not precise when it comes to the wall placement. I found it very difficult to keep the hands at the exact spot they needed to stay throughout the animation and realised pretty early on that once you most the tiniest part of the legs the whole hands and arms move, making it look as though the arms are sliding down the wall. Follow through with this animation is very hard to portray as my body all moves in one movement together, which is true of the torso and arms, but I think the legs stay in place for longer.

I am going to try this again tomorrow, hopefully being able to slow down the animations as a whole and get a more precise feeling for the wall.  I need to portray the tension in the body a lot more clearly.


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