Sneak Maya

I am overall happy with the development in my sneak in Maya. Firstly I have learnt a lot just because I have done this very individually just using the learning materials Johny had uploaded onto blackboard and have been able to help other people with the things I also struggled with.

This was my first try at the sneak on  Maya:

As you can see, the hand does completely turn 360 but as this was a first try I wasn’t it bothered about this as it’s easily fixable. I was only focused on firstly if this even looked like a sneak! The Richard Williams reference helped me so much as I find his way of drawing very easily to understand but also highly simplistic in communicating emotion and a certain sense of movement.

I then tried the sneak again but this time adding more frames so he does three steps, making him walk through space and overall making the move a lot more clear.

I then moved onto focusing on the Y axis as in quite a few of the sneaks I have seen the leg does  move off the ground quite high and exageratted. As at the moment he looks like his leg is sliding across the ground.

Even this does seem like it could be a lot more exaggerated but I felt it was definitely time to get the opinion of Joe and Johny  and James.


The knees do snap back at points  making the animation seem very I guess you could say unsettling. Joe said a way to fix this would be to lower the whole of the body but also because i am follow a drawing it is easy to exaggerate, whereas the Buckkid Rig is quite restricted because of the leg to torso length similarity. Also the arms move in quite a synchronized way so when I do this next I will change that to make it seem more realistic.

Although I have all the key poses and have made a good start I need to work on my high and low points as at the moment nothing is happening on the Y axis in reference to the torso.

James also told me that the graph will also become helpful when it comes to cleaning up my animation and adding easing.

I would like to have this done and have used all this feedback by Wednesday next week. So I can then move onto the run and jump.


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