The Irritating Insect

As soon as I saw this brief I knew I had to do it! Had so many ideas popping through my head! Maybe they run through the set away from an insect in panic and swat it away in panic (but can I really do a run in stop motion? Not yet, no). What about a guy fishing but every time he tries to fish he gets attacked by a flock a bees and swats them away ferociously? (But how could I express fishing?) Or should I do a guy going for a picnic in the park with a very annoying insect in toe.

2017-04-02 (2).png

There’s a quite lonesome and miserable guy eating a sandwich in a park. He keeps hearing a buzzing type sound and looks around in irritation, but alas there is nothing around. He carries on eating his sandwich when suddenly the buzzing is right in his ear and it makes him jump almost scream! He begins to swat away the bug who is heading for his sandwich, but as he does this he drops his sandwich on the muddy ground. He drops back into his seat, shaking in anger. Once hes calmed down he then slowly slouches in his seat… the man is sat he no longer has a sandwich.

The End.


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