Pull Stopmotion

This movement is very dynamic, hense being in the dynamics section! It is really hard to keep such fluid movement and also show force and tension… well for me it was!

This was my first go at the pull, I had two different references for the pull the first one I tried was very animated in the movement, which I thought would help me best express the force, but it actually became quite complicated for me to do as there was so much feet shuffling as well trying to keep the hands steady(which did not work).

So from this I learnt that maybe over complicating it wasn’t the best the move so I tried a different set of movements, which I think came out a lot better. The time in the stop motion room was a success, but I do think the ¬†animation could be better. If I have time to redo these, I will. For now though I am happy with my attempt as although it may not be perfect it still shows a pull in some way, shape or form.


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