Irritating Insect

Done all my stop-motions!! So relieved to have done them all. I am happy with my tries at this story. I have edited the story from its first plan, as I thought the performance would be better if I made the character fall the ground to catch the sandwich. It created more emotion in the animation as  I actually did feel sorry for the little armature man!

This was my first try. The movement was meant to be jolty when he swats away the fly but it was definitely too fast and confusing so needed redoing. I also thought the ending when he just sat down didn’t really explain visually how sad the character is that he has dropped his sandwich.

I know there is a lot of things I could improve on this, especially when I look at the turn as the armature moves to slow and at times is very jumpy. But I am really happy with the fact you can tell the character is eating and rubbing his belly. And the fact that he is obviously upset at the end when he scoops up what is left of his sandwich. Although this was a stressful piece to try and create I enjoyed being able to be so free and creative in my work. And did find the comedy in the work by the end of the two-day stress of trying to do this exercise.


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