As a group we went through all the footage we had gotten. We finally decided on an interview I had done. I edited the footage, shortening to around 3 minutes so that we only had to focus on the best bits. I tried to just include parts that could give us interesting imagery to work with. We all have a copy of this and went off for the weekend to come up with our own interpretations of the footage. Which will then help us out when we begin sketching out a draft of the overall storyboard. Which will be done by hopefully Tuesday next week so that we can get started on the actual drawings of the work.

I am more confident in this making of and already have quite a bit of footage for it. I have since last time that everything I do is important and video isn’t the only way to record my work so I have been taking photos of all my work at I go along. So when it comes to the Making Of video all we have to is put the footage together and edit it in an exciting way.

These are the drawings I’ve come up with so far from the audio.

‘the trees waved back’
‘the lights seemed angry and so bright’

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