Layout For Context

I found it all quite exciting when thinking of the layout of my Context Essay. I have always read vogue and heat and things like that when they come out it was my nans tradition to stay  stocked up on every magazine she could get and put them next to my bedside table so the magazine layout had always been appealing to me. Vogue are very simplistic in their layout and from what I’ve seen always have been. The light to use big eye catching images that usually spread oddly across two pages in the magazine. Although I do love this style it wasn’t right for my project.


But the way the start important snippets of information with large letters looks very pleasing so I took this from them. The columns were also important and gave my work a more serious undertone, I kept the font to the basic as I found every other font a bit to overpowering once the Rick and Morty images were added too.

I have also noticed that in more teen mags and gossip filled things. They like to take quotes from the interview and blow them up big around the side. It’s usually something quite important like  ‘He never loved me!’ just the usual women gossip. But I do think it adds to the story line and gets across useful information. I was thinking about my audience at this point and the fact they are 1st years who don’t want to sit through reams and reams of words. I would think we are all quite visual learner I definitely am. So cutting up my work with a few quotes in a bolder font makes it a lot more friendlier to the reader.


Although Indesign is one of the most stressful things to use, when considering the resizing of pictures and things like that. Once it’s all beautifully placed it does give you a sense of accomplishment.

2017-05-15 (3)


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