Final Day

We completed the Making Of Module! I am so relieved that this work is finished and overall really happy with the outcome! After a minor hiccup yesterday morning when we lost ALL the links to our making of video it has now all been fixed. I spent time going through all of our individual voice-overs as taking snippets from each one where it was most appropriate. I think this worked well as we all have our own input in the Making Of but it’s shows that we worked well in a team as I noticed we do all say quite similar things so it was nice to see that we have all been on the same page when it comes to this project.

James’s way of explaining the project was really nice, I noticed that he says everything thing I would like to be explains himself is a much more clear way so I think that really helped the making of to be more clear.

Once everything was put together in the Making Of we of course needed an original Gorrilaz song and who doesn’t know or love, ‘Feel Good Inc’. We tried to lower the levels as best we could. I made sure James and Jane had listened over it too as sometimes your hearing does get used to the monstrosity you may have created. After lowering it a bit more we were happy with what we had done.

After speaking to ‘the interviewee’ (he who shall not be named) we began trying to lower his voice. Although it was quite comedic to have the voice high pitched it most definitely didn’t fit with the work. So we decided on quite a low voice which ended up completely stopping anyone from recognizing the speaker. Although it is quite low it does add a darkness and heighten the illegality of the subject. So I think on that front it’s good we changed the voice.


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