Final Outcome

My subject matter for context was a big thing to talk about and I was at some points worried  I had gone for something too deep and extreme. Once I made the essay to just focus of Rick and Morty I found it a lot easier to do and it created a nice flow through my work as before it felt as though it could go anywhere. and when it came to the design phase it wouldn’t have worked as well if i had spoken about loads of other animations as the color tones would of made my work to busy.

I enjoyed this project as it was something that i personally loved to learn about but I also did learn a lot of new things throughout writing the essay. I may not of included a lot of things I learnt but a few short dissertations i read were so interesting and the Myth of Sisyphus book is something I will go back and finish. But its definitely not an easy read, you have to be very alert, but i guess that goes for the whole existential subject.




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