Run and Jump Final

I started with the run using Richard Williams’s run reference to help me get key poses, obviously tweaking them to Buckid’s body size and shape. It was time consuing getting the body into the right position but I do think it shows speed in the run. I do think its quite a bouncy run and I did have to edit the feet quite a lot as there was a lot of sliding. I have tried to get rid of this as much as I could.

When moving onto the jump I took reference from a long jump athlete for the run into the jump but I wanted him to come to a stop and bounce at the end. It was hard to show timing in the jump as at first he did seem to float through the air so after shorting the key frames he does fall at speed. The bounce the end was useful to show the weight in his jump. This did take a long time but I do think he could travel further or slide a bit at the end. To imply his speed a bit more.

This being said it does present a run and jump in one and I am proud that I did them both together instead of separately as first of all it felt like it was harder to do but also made more of an exciting animation. I would say for next time that I should watch more reference footage and think about timing a bit more as I really struggled with my jumps timing and spacing.


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