Sneak Final

I’ve been working on this for quite a while taking most my reference from Richard Williams template and constantly asking people to act for me. I am happy with what I was able to accomplish. Obviously there are still things that could be tweaked. Isn’t their always? My final tweaks were on the y axis on the legs and trying to sort the arms out as much as I could. I do feel it still looks a bit robotic but its come a long way since the start. I feel this was the point in Maya where I really started to get the hand of the software. The sneak for me was really exciting to do as it’s got a lot of emotion in it, you can make the characters look, evil or quite dim which is what mine looks like. Like for example if Goody tried to be sneaky or something. It took the most components to move. The legs arms and head would all move in different ways each time and trying to work out how manipulate Buckid did have its highs and lows as he is a nice character to work with but he isn’t the most correct in his height and length of his arms and legs and when it comes to the feet their were times when I really struggled as the are nearly half the size of his legs so getting them off the ground in a natural way was an issue for me. But I overcame it as best I could.


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