Walk Final

I hadn’t looked at my walk for quite a while. I had started it a long time ago but at that point was just focusing on the stop motions. After speaking to Rowena about the walk cycle and looking through loads or reference footage I added small changes such as a small follow through below the elbow so the arms look more natural and then the should tilt and pelvic tilt. This gave the walk a more natural look but it does look quite exaggerated i couldn’t find a good mid point of natural and exaggeration but I wanted to present the fact i do know the pelvis would take the weight and show the weight difference on each leg. And that is would be shown all the way upto the shoulders. After doing this is was noticeable that the head moved side to side as well which would not happen so i tried to straighten this out. I watched it after this. And although its not a perfectly natural walk I have tried to input all the components a walk would have. I am happy with the outcome if you put the ‘older man’ or someone with a chip on their shoulder as the theme of my walk. i know it wasn’t meant to have emotion but I have made quite a little bit of characterization in my work unknowingly. I do think I found the walk the hardest to recreate as although I see people do it everyday and obviously walk myself. You take for granted the amount of work the body does and the fact that everyone walks differently. I would say the task made me a lot more aware of my surroundings the amount of people watching I have done is embarrassing and i have to say some people have the oddest ways of walking. Pigeon footed is a main contender for the everyday walker or the fact the don’t actually move their arms that much as I want them too. Overall I did find this task difficult but I have definitely learnt a lot from it.


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