Run and Jump Final

I started with the run using Richard Williams’s run reference to help me get key poses, obviously tweaking them to Buckid’s body size and shape. It was time consuing getting the body into the right position but I do think it shows speed in the run. I do think its quite a bouncy run and I did have to edit the feet quite a lot as there was a lot of sliding. I have tried to get rid of this as much as I could.

When moving onto the jump I took reference from a long jump athlete for the run into the jump but I wanted him to come to a stop and bounce at the end. It was hard to show timing in the jump as at first he did seem to float through the air so after shorting the key frames he does fall at speed. The bounce the end was useful to show the weight in his jump. This did take a long time but I do think he could travel further or slide a bit at the end. To imply his speed a bit more.

This being said it does present a run and jump in one and I am proud that I did them both together instead of separately as first of all it felt like it was harder to do but also made more of an exciting animation. I would say for next time that I should watch more reference footage and think about timing a bit more as I really struggled with my jumps timing and spacing.

Walk Final

I hadn’t looked at my walk for quite a while. I had started it a long time ago but at that point was just focusing on the stop motions. After speaking to Rowena about the walk cycle and looking through loads or reference footage I added small changes such as a small follow through below the elbow so the arms look more natural and then the should tilt and pelvic tilt. This gave the walk a more natural look but it does look quite exaggerated i couldn’t find a good mid point of natural and exaggeration but I wanted to present the fact i do know the pelvis would take the weight and show the weight difference on each leg. And that is would be shown all the way upto the shoulders. After doing this is was noticeable that the head moved side to side as well which would not happen so i tried to straighten this out. I watched it after this. And although its not a perfectly natural walk I have tried to input all the components a walk would have. I am happy with the outcome if you put the ‘older man’ or someone with a chip on their shoulder as the theme of my walk. i know it wasn’t meant to have emotion but I have made quite a little bit of characterization in my work unknowingly. I do think I found the walk the hardest to recreate as although I see people do it everyday and obviously walk myself. You take for granted the amount of work the body does and the fact that everyone walks differently. I would say the task made me a lot more aware of my surroundings the amount of people watching I have done is embarrassing and i have to say some people have the oddest ways of walking. Pigeon footed is a main contender for the everyday walker or the fact the don’t actually move their arms that much as I want them too. Overall I did find this task difficult but I have definitely learnt a lot from it.

Sneak Final

I’ve been working on this for quite a while taking most my reference from Richard Williams template and constantly asking people to act for me. I am happy with what I was able to accomplish. Obviously there are still things that could be tweaked. Isn’t their always? My final tweaks were on the y axis on the legs and trying to sort the arms out as much as I could. I do feel it still looks a bit robotic but its come a long way since the start. I feel this was the point in Maya where I really started to get the hand of the software. The sneak for me was really exciting to do as it’s got a lot of emotion in it, you can make the characters look, evil or quite dim which is what mine looks like. Like for example if Goody tried to be sneaky or something. It took the most components to move. The legs arms and head would all move in different ways each time and trying to work out how manipulate Buckid did have its highs and lows as he is a nice character to work with but he isn’t the most correct in his height and length of his arms and legs and when it comes to the feet their were times when I really struggled as the are nearly half the size of his legs so getting them off the ground in a natural way was an issue for me. But I overcame it as best I could.

Run and Jump Progression

After speaking to James and getting help from the graph. I have been able to change the ark when the character jumps. As before it seemed to glide though the air whereas now you can see him gain and loose speed. I also changed the y axis of the whole run as he did run quite low. So by doing this I can now illustrate the low bounce before he jumps. This has been really useful to focus on for this lesson. I now need to finish the last part of the jump. maya 4

Run and Jump

I used the reference of a long jump run for my jump as I thought it would work best.

The strides are so wide on the video but I really found this useful. The movement going into the jump is what I closely focused on for my own animation. I wanted to see how the leg movement changes. I noticed how straightened the leg gets but also how the other leg is pulled closely into the body.

I tried to follow this as best I could. But I do think that distance is what makes the animation more believable so I will create a wider  distance across for the jump.

This is my first attempt…. I am going to work on the arms next.

Irritating Insect

Done all my stop-motions!! So relieved to have done them all. I am happy with my tries at this story. I have edited the story from its first plan, as I thought the performance would be better if I made the character fall the ground to catch the sandwich. It created more emotion in the animation as  I actually did feel sorry for the little armature man!

This was my first try. The movement was meant to be jolty when he swats away the fly but it was definitely too fast and confusing so needed redoing. I also thought the ending when he just sat down didn’t really explain visually how sad the character is that he has dropped his sandwich.

I know there is a lot of things I could improve on this, especially when I look at the turn as the armature moves to slow and at times is very jumpy. But I am really happy with the fact you can tell the character is eating and rubbing his belly. And the fact that he is obviously upset at the end when he scoops up what is left of his sandwich. Although this was a stressful piece to try and create I enjoyed being able to be so free and creative in my work. And did find the comedy in the work by the end of the two-day stress of trying to do this exercise.

Pull Stopmotion

This movement is very dynamic, hense being in the dynamics section! It is really hard to keep such fluid movement and also show force and tension… well for me it was!

This was my first go at the pull, I had two different references for the pull the first one I tried was very animated in the movement, which I thought would help me best express the force, but it actually became quite complicated for me to do as there was so much feet shuffling as well trying to keep the hands steady(which did not work).

So from this I learnt that maybe over complicating it wasn’t the best the move so I tried a different set of movements, which I think came out a lot better. The time in the stop motion room was a success, but I do think the  animation could be better. If I have time to redo these, I will. For now though I am happy with my attempt as although it may not be perfect it still shows a pull in some way, shape or form.

The Irritating Insect

As soon as I saw this brief I knew I had to do it! Had so many ideas popping through my head! Maybe they run through the set away from an insect in panic and swat it away in panic (but can I really do a run in stop motion? Not yet, no). What about a guy fishing but every time he tries to fish he gets attacked by a flock a bees and swats them away ferociously? (But how could I express fishing?) Or should I do a guy going for a picnic in the park with a very annoying insect in toe.

2017-04-02 (2).png

There’s a quite lonesome and miserable guy eating a sandwich in a park. He keeps hearing a buzzing type sound and looks around in irritation, but alas there is nothing around. He carries on eating his sandwich when suddenly the buzzing is right in his ear and it makes him jump almost scream! He begins to swat away the bug who is heading for his sandwich, but as he does this he drops his sandwich on the muddy ground. He drops back into his seat, shaking in anger. Once hes calmed down he then slowly slouches in his seat… the man is sat he no longer has a sandwich.

The End.

Sneak Maya

I am overall happy with the development in my sneak in Maya. Firstly I have learnt a lot just because I have done this very individually just using the learning materials Johny had uploaded onto blackboard and have been able to help other people with the things I also struggled with.

This was my first try at the sneak on  Maya:

As you can see, the hand does completely turn 360 but as this was a first try I wasn’t it bothered about this as it’s easily fixable. I was only focused on firstly if this even looked like a sneak! The Richard Williams reference helped me so much as I find his way of drawing very easily to understand but also highly simplistic in communicating emotion and a certain sense of movement.

I then tried the sneak again but this time adding more frames so he does three steps, making him walk through space and overall making the move a lot more clear.

I then moved onto focusing on the Y axis as in quite a few of the sneaks I have seen the leg does  move off the ground quite high and exageratted. As at the moment he looks like his leg is sliding across the ground.

Even this does seem like it could be a lot more exaggerated but I felt it was definitely time to get the opinion of Joe and Johny  and James.


The knees do snap back at points  making the animation seem very I guess you could say unsettling. Joe said a way to fix this would be to lower the whole of the body but also because i am follow a drawing it is easy to exaggerate, whereas the Buckkid Rig is quite restricted because of the leg to torso length similarity. Also the arms move in quite a synchronized way so when I do this next I will change that to make it seem more realistic.

Although I have all the key poses and have made a good start I need to work on my high and low points as at the moment nothing is happening on the Y axis in reference to the torso.

James also told me that the graph will also become helpful when it comes to cleaning up my animation and adding easing.

I would like to have this done and have used all this feedback by Wednesday next week. So I can then move onto the run and jump.

Dynamic : Push


After speaking to Joe this morning, I felt quite confident about the push and stop motion. I had found quite a few references online and had also acted it out myself. I was more confident about foot placements first of all, especially the lean into the wall, I think this is the most confident part of the animation.


I am happy with these animations in the sense that the do portray a push in a way but they are definitely too fast and not precise when it comes to the wall placement. I found it very difficult to keep the hands at the exact spot they needed to stay throughout the animation and realised pretty early on that once you most the tiniest part of the legs the whole hands and arms move, making it look as though the arms are sliding down the wall. Follow through with this animation is very hard to portray as my body all moves in one movement together, which is true of the torso and arms, but I think the legs stay in place for longer.

I am going to try this again tomorrow, hopefully being able to slow down the animations as a whole and get a more precise feeling for the wall.  I need to portray the tension in the body a lot more clearly.