Final Creative Play Blog

Today we presented our work for the creative play module. I felt as though it went quite well when thinking of the set-up of our work. Our piece was ready to just bring into the DPL, the only thing I was worried about was the projector not working with my laptop but it worked well in the end. We had some issues with the overall setup, as the table that had the physical piece of work on was quite low but the table with the projector on was high, which blocked the view to the piece. I wanted the audience to be able to view the work and video all at the same time to illustrate the relationship between them more obviously. We overcame this by moving everything to the right so that the work could be viewed from the left-hand side.


At the start of the project the initial ideas came together quite easily, I had made a list of ideas I thought could work well and so had Levi and when we came together we looked at the ones we both thought could work and play on our best attributes. we had both thought about the change in time and how cities have changed through time and I also wanted to include the idea of the jungle as the jungle does present an entity of a city, which related closely to the brief. As the jungle inhabited  a whole range of life and was a city in itself. We then wanted to present the evolution through time which is shown through  my traditional ink wash drawings and then modern through Levis digital drawings.

I think our project engaged with creative play through the use of different mediums and relating it back to things we have done within the module overall, such as collage, rapid prototyping and being able to go through design cycles and improve our work at every stage. Although we did come into some issues with scale I think we overcame it quite well by spray mounting the biggest size we could onto card, without losing the quality in the work. I think we also did loose some time as we did not manage to use all the artwork we had produced for the final physical piece, but we overcame this by including it all in our video. There was also some issues with the video at first as the transition between each artwork seemed to separate but Levi overcame this by blurring the two together, taking into account my idea of letting the colors bleed into each other.

I think if I had the chance to do this project again I would definitely of taken more risks as I do feel our project was too small and confined, whereas other peoples seemed so much more energetic, but I have noticed within my work I like the minimalism look. But I think as a team we definitely had a clear idea of what we planned on doing and after the many lists I created of who was doing what I think we were definitely well organised. I think as a group we would of wanted it to be more interactive as I do think the sounds from the video really brought everything together and it was nice to hear from peers what it made them feel for example TZ said it made him think of Tarzan and his transition into the real human world. With this in mind if it could of been on a bigger scale and been an installation people could of walked through and inside it, making them feel more included in our work. As from what i learnt from the cinematography research and film noir the audience reacts well to immersive and inclusive content.

Within the team I do feel I took on the role of a leader but it was well divided between me and Levi as we both contributed with ideas, I just made sure we all knew what we were doing. I took on the responsibility for all the mood-boards (pinterest) and made sure we all had access to them. I had the job of doing the traditional artwork and then helped do the jungle scenes. Levi did the modern city scape and then helped with the jungle scape too. I feel as though we all worked on the video collaboratively as Jun began it and helped us at with the overall building of the piece, doing a lot of the heavy work as the scapols trying to cut through the card really took it out of us all! Levi finalized the video creating the transition whilst me and Jun worked on the sounds.

Our project was definitely successful as it did keep the brief but I do think we should of expanded on our work and taking more risks, but as a first project I feel as though we did quite well given the time frame.


I would also like to add that everyone’s projects were so amazing, I loved how people had used light and color and projections to really enhance their work. Here are a few pictures i took from today.



Cities: 4 and a half

After building our final piece for the project, we wanted to make sure the video was upto the highest quality we could make it by Monday. Levi had spent time editing the film so it had a nicer transition between each city scape. Me and Jun worked together to input the sounds into the short film.


Levi had blended each scape into eachother when it transitioned which I think  worked really well as it made it look as though the city scape before had been washed away so the new one took its place easily.


I also started working on the final work book, which will include all the papers and sketches we used within the making of this project. It was hard trying to piece together all our work into a organised piece of work. But Levi had come up with some basic headings for each slide which made it a lot easier to follow. I wanted to keep the writing bref and only explain what we did and why it did and or didnt work well.

2016-12-14 (2).png



Cities – 4

Today was when all our work came together to create our final piece for the Creative Play module. Once all the jungle and traditional images had been scanned in, we could begin aligning the images and playing around with size and scale. I first printed each 3  images onto A3 paper, but I after talking the team we thought they were to small and it would not work well.


This could only be overcome if I only used two images instead of three, so I took out one traditional, jungle and modern image from each section. Once this was printed it looked better and all the images were of very similar height. I then put these onto card to start cutting out.

Levi had started working on the way in which we would create the final piece. We thought having box’s that connected together would be the best way to create the structure, especially out of the card as its very strong. It took  while to get the correct measurement but I think it was the best way of making it strong and durable, so it can be easily moved from place to place and not be broken easily as it will be left in the maker space for a week.

First quick mock-ups of boxes.


Jun has begun putting the short video together for our work, it was about 20 seconds long and had the images panning across the screen. When he showed us his first example of the work it did seem quite sudden, concerning the changes from jungle to traditional, which did correctly present the idea behind our work of it showing an evolution through time. It was hard to admit as this is what we had had in mind for the video but I understood what Kristen was saying. I think we should either have some time of bleed of color with a fade in between the change in time, just to give it less of a abrupt change between scenes.

Jun has also added the sound to the video, so when we come back to it on Monday it should be a matter of editing the video and making sure we have everything together for the presentation.

Cities- 3

The process of making the traditional city scape became a lot more time consuming than I first thought. I wanted to keep these simple so the history and time frame of them would be obvious to the audience and its in keeping with the time, Ink Wash and the color scheme of black and white.


Cities – 2

After doing some work on illustrator today and being shown what can be created just with paper; like small cities, characters etc. I thought that just hanging our work wouldn’t create the effect we are trying to show of the evolution of cities from the jungle/rainforest to the modern times of today. I wanted the work to be something physical that we could hold and understand better.

So after talking to Kris about how we’ve changed the presentation of our work she related it to the lost city in Edinburgh as what we are portraying is cities being built on cites over and over again over thousands of years and the progression of the then and now. After looking at the Edinburgh lost city all I wanted to do was go but it being nearly 6 hours away from home did seem like an issue. But it’s amazing to think that Edinburgh did just close off a whole life source/living space because of the plague and left a small snippet of old Edinburgh  like a door into the past!

We then had to start making a small mock-up of the final piece to show Kris what we meant. We used cardboard and paper for this  but I am hoping to print templates off to give it a better look and more stable for the final.

Creative Play- Cities 2


This is a first look at the jungle city we wanted to create. I do think once we have all six up and can look at them from a distance it does look more city scape like. I want to see it mounted onto black card to make all the lines and connections smoother. Then we will be able to see it more finalised.

Creative Play- Cities 1

We had started to plan out and think about how we will display our work within a space. Kris came over and began sketching rough ideas which me and Levi then expanded on to make it fit with the overall message of moving through time and ow the jungle was once a city to its population as it doesn’t have to be the generic idea of a city as all these places are entities of life and movement.

2016-11-26 (4).png

Mock-up of how it will look:

2016-11-26 (5).png

We want to hang out work diagonally going across as it will help the spectator to understand the journey we are trying to portray through time. Also each time period will have a timeline going across the bottom to better explain that visually.

We also thought having a video of all our work with the Foley sounds we will have created and other sounds that are harder to create in sound snap playing at the end will emphasize the overall journey through sound.

I wanted to include all the things that I enjoyed that I and others in my group enjoyed doing within creative play. So we have incorporated the collage, Foley sound and …

2016-11-26 (6).png





A projection of cities throughout time, accompanied with their soundscapes. Separate images put together, modernized on the computer.  Accompanied with traditional and modern methods. 

Foley sounds


  • horse hooves footsteps
  • bicycle rings
  • church bells
  • children playing
  • old sirens
  • old music being played
  • steam trains
  • creaking floorboards


  • cars honking
  • cars driving
  • people mumbling
  • modern music
  • people on phone
  • announcements being played
  • actual recording from Manchester center


  • Monkeys sounds
  • branches cracking
  • heavy rain
  • old noise
  • crickets
  • breeze
  • thunder


A4 Landscape

1st Decemeber- need to have photos together to use for our images, search soundsnap for remaining sound we would need to create using foley. Record Foley Sounds this week.

This monday 28th start creating the jungle scenes- Makes sure pinterest board is compete.

Have two images done or nearly done by thursday. – 10cm

8th Decemeber

Use the following monday 4th to finish jungle.

All sound work complete. start uploading digitally.

Upload as much as possible.

Try and get 3 images done by the weekend 10th-11th

Monday 12th- Upload and tweek. 

All we need to do is sort out studios and best way to project. 








The Brief- ‘The City’

I have just created a quick pinterest board of my ideas and imagery from the brief we were given in Creative Play.

City Project (Play) You are asked to create a representation of ‘the city’. You should investigate the subject of the city in as many visual ways as possible and build a physical response. Create a response that allows us to ‘experience’ the city, in some way?

  • Entity ‘the city’
  • Histories can influence
  • Poetry, imagery
  • Think abstractly, what is a city? A large cell in which a society of one species coexists, often in close proximity with each other. Because of this proximity many social difficulties can manifest whilst at the same time many opportunities arise from this closeness.
  • They are centers of human activity, expend and utilize large quantities of energy… hives.
  • Hive of activity
  • Crowded
  • Claustrophobic
  • Disease
  • Time lapse
  • Colour imagery
  • Landscape aerial view, with circuit boards
  • Difference from Stratford and Manchester – photography for research
  • Like a jungle bustling with activity
  • Size, shape and colour
  • What does the city mean?
  • How does it shape us/ influence us/ change us?
  • What does it look like? What is its form/ shape/ size?
  • How can we represent and interpret it in a visual way?
  • What does it sound like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • Can what you make explain in a visual and experiential way?

EXPLORE- Ideation

Consider also the theme ‘old meets new’

  • This must be integrated in some way.
  • Origin
  • What is newness in cities?
  • Urban decay
  • Technological development- industrial revolution
  • Cities are inevitable


  • Interpret the idea of the city o include an enquiry into old meets new
  • Incorporate some or all of the techniques/ ideas introduced to you during the module and others you feel may be appropriate
  • Include an enquiry into the subject of energy and incorporate it in some way into your response. Interpret the word energy. What do we mean? There is no right or wrong.
  • Play with materials and utilize the maker space
  • Take risks!
  • Must be interactive/ reactive
  • Incorporate energy in some way

‘Foley’ Sound

‘Is the reproduction of everyday sound effects, that are added to film, video and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. these reproduced sounds can be anything from swishing or clothing and footsteps to squeaky doors and breaking glass’

Ambient Sound

Ambient sound ( ambient audio, ambience, atmosphere, atmos or background noise) means the background sounds which are present in a scene or location. Common ambient sounds include wind, water, birds, crowds, office noises, traffic, etc. Ambient sound is very important in video and film work.

How is it created?

I never knew this was actually a job! But it’s crazy to think that people spend time re-creating singular sounds for a full length feature film. It was interesting as they use such odd things to create such normal everyday sounds.

I was so involved with today as I felt it really captured the things we have to do as animators! Sound is such a huge factor when trying to create realism and a good narrative it really made me appreciate every little sound that happens within a movie. I felt as though I was so aware throughout the day of different sounds or the way one sound can be used for such a different things. Like scrunching a cleaning clothe can make the sound of a tree being brushed or how the lid being taken off a long tube sounds like a funnel being taken out of a glass. I was overall so excited with the work me and my group created today.

So firstly we cued the minute long video and we jotted this all down in my sketchbook. Kristin said afterwards if this was industry standard I would of had to write the timings out in editing language as I had done them short hand for ease, my group did this part quite fast i think we were just so eager to get started on the film and I am also an avid fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas and did an in-depth paper on Tim Burton and his first proper stop-motion animation films for A-Level so I did feel confident that I knew the scene.

We then go the recording device (which i cannot remember off the top of my head what its proper name is ) but as usual with technology we did have some difficulty trying to work it, then later realizing it had been on the wrong setting the whole time. So once we had overcome that minor set-back it was time to get creative! We tried to go through the scene in order and do it with no reference to the scene as I wanted to see whether we could really nail it without having to refer to anything else but our own work. I had brought in some rice and a spoon which was perfect for when the character of Sally is scooping the powder into the funnel. we also created a great sound for the wire-pully with the repetitive sound of scissors and a tape measure, which did really come out well. And the pouring of water me and Laura did matched perfectly with the scene to the second, which was great but also just a lucky chance as I knew it lasted a little but was hoping my guesstimation was correct.

When we had collected as many sounds as we could with the objects we had, we went to James’s premiere class, it was actually very useful and once I got my head round the basics of it I realised its not actually that complicated.

The editing process of our work was time consuming but did really pay off and I was very happy with what we captured within the time frame we had. I do think if we had more time we could of really created a finished piece.

Overall this was one of the best classes I’ve had within Creative Play and would definitely use Foley sound again, when it comes to making animations in the future.

(Sadly all my groups Foley work was lost, which I am so upset about as I was so proud of what we had created. But it was uploaded to a memory stick and deleted straight away by that person, so everything had gone)