Emotion to Emotion

I have been practicing Maya this week and I am really starting to get the hang of the Buckkid Rig. Jeff also showed me how to create the foot movements on maya too, which was really helpful and I do feel like I learnt it a lot better.

By doing my short emotion to emotion story on Maya I feel like it will really help me when it comes to the StopMotion exercise. I have included the most important poses from my story and will get someone to act them out for the stop mo so I have a better reference for my work. My story illustrates a person watching the tv and their football team winning which causes them to be excited but then when the go to share their excitement they realise they are all alone and sadly sits down.

Here is my foot placement work:

Overview of the Project

I really enjoyed doing this project as it let me work on whatever I wanted to. My aim was to enhance my skills when it came to the human forma and movement as like Johny had said previously we as animators need to be aware of the way the body moves  and be watching and learning constantly. I spent a lot of time just people watching with the MetroTimer app, this was useful as it showed me the timings of different movements.

When it came to my project, I was dead set on focusing on dance and expressive movements. The movements in the last two videos were so intricate but also had so much strength in them that of course I wanted to go deeper into them a try and recreate them as best I could in my own style of drawing. The amount of drawings I ended up doing was massive and the more I did the more fluent and easy it became to draw each dancer and have the proportions of the body somewhat more correct to the actual human body sizing.

I like how in my work you can see the progression of not only my drawing skills but also within the motion the dancers present. As my first piece is very much a basic recreation of someone walking (which I reference from a video I took of myself walking). Not only is the drawing basic but the use of ink it less excessive as in the next two drawings. The swirls are less wild and the fact the ink drips down shows how its still much a straight and clean set of movements.


This then changes once the dance movements come into my work as the swirls are more expressive but also the use of colour shows how its still a progression between three images and the image above finishes on pink ink, and the next piece of work starts on pink too.  img_7553

You can see how the use of ink is much more exciting just as the actual drawings are. I also thought by shading the last two dancers in slightly it enhanced the visual look of my work and illustrated that dance does put colour into everything; everything becomes more exciting. Then on the final image I wanted both male and female dancers to add to the fact the dance has become more expressive.


By having a mixture of every colour in the last piece showed how the dance is filled with different levels of expression but also presents the progression from the first piece to the last piece a lot more clearly.

Finally, this project was not only fun to do because I could express just my own work but I also got to push myself through the use of Premier Pro as this software to me is hard to work and was quite new to me in many ways. Although my making of video is quite basic it doe show me how far I’ve come just since the start of teamster one as I am now more confident to just get stuck into software and watch videos on my own to try and learn it in my own way. I do wish I had been able to do more fancy editing but that will come in time and work. I also wish I had got the photos all together and taken some better shots of them but I was unable to do this in my own home and didn’t plan ahead enough to book out a room at university to take some better photos.

I do feel like I have learnt a lot from this project, like time management, editing, being more expressive in my work but also having more confidence in myself as at the end of the day we are all new to this and are just trying to find ourselves.

After Affects Tracking

These are just some examples of the work James has been showing us in After Affects, it’s so interesting learning all these new different things as they will all be relevant at some point in my animation degree or in my career. There is just so much to remember!!


Salford, Manchester

The 1st Week:

I think this have been the most stressful, exciting and terrifying week of my little life so far! Coming to Manchester has been a big change for me, especially coming here alone. My first day at Uni was a lot to take in having to remember names, bus routes and the room numbers! But my Lecturer’s seem to make everyone feel at ease in the class.

I wish I had been more outgoing within my first few days at Uni but I think that will come naturally over time. I am so excited to start my new life in Manchester, studying animation and can now start to become more independent.

I also noticed that making friends isn’t as bad as it seems we are all in the same boat, and the freshers nightlife seemed to give everyone a boost of confidence haha.

Oh… and here’s a few pictures of what I feel doesn’t need to be written down quite yet (new to this whole blog thing haha)