Final Day

We completed the Making Of Module! I am so relieved that this work is finished and overall really happy with the outcome! After a minor hiccup yesterday morning when we lost ALL the links to our making of video it has now all been fixed. I spent time going through all of our individual voice-overs as taking snippets from each one where it was most appropriate. I think this worked well as we all have our own input in the Making Of but it’s shows that we worked well in a team as I noticed we do all say quite similar things so it was nice to see that we have all been on the same page when it comes to this project.

James’s way of explaining the project was really nice, I noticed that he says everything thing I would like to be explains himself is a much more clear way so I think that really helped the making of to be more clear.

Once everything was put together in the Making Of we of course needed an original Gorrilaz song and who doesn’t know or love, ‘Feel Good Inc’. We tried to lower the levels as best we could. I made sure James and Jane had listened over it too as sometimes your hearing does get used to the monstrosity you may have created. After lowering it a bit more we were happy with what we had done.

After speaking to ‘the interviewee’ (he who shall not be named) we began trying to lower his voice. Although it was quite comedic to have the voice high pitched it most definitely didn’t fit with the work. So we decided on quite a low voice which ended up completely stopping anyone from recognizing the speaker. Although it is quite low it does add a darkness and heighten the illegality of the subject. So I think on that front it’s good we changed the voice.

Layout For Context

I found it all quite exciting when thinking of the layout of my Context Essay. I have always read vogue and heat and things like that when they come out it was my nans tradition to stay  stocked up on every magazine she could get and put them next to my bedside table so the magazine layout had always been appealing to me. Vogue are very simplistic in their layout and from what I’ve seen always have been. The light to use big eye catching images that usually spread oddly across two pages in the magazine. Although I do love this style it wasn’t right for my project.


But the way the start important snippets of information with large letters looks very pleasing so I took this from them. The columns were also important and gave my work a more serious undertone, I kept the font to the basic as I found every other font a bit to overpowering once the Rick and Morty images were added too.

I have also noticed that in more teen mags and gossip filled things. They like to take quotes from the interview and blow them up big around the side. It’s usually something quite important like  ‘He never loved me!’ just the usual women gossip. But I do think it adds to the story line and gets across useful information. I was thinking about my audience at this point and the fact they are 1st years who don’t want to sit through reams and reams of words. I would think we are all quite visual learner I definitely am. So cutting up my work with a few quotes in a bolder font makes it a lot more friendlier to the reader.


Although Indesign is one of the most stressful things to use, when considering the resizing of pictures and things like that. Once it’s all beautifully placed it does give you a sense of accomplishment.

2017-05-15 (3)

Context Essay Research

I knew I wanted to do my essay on something I could really get into. I have been into existentialism since I studied it partially in my film Alevel. ‘Fight Club’ the film was one that really stuck with me. I loved how it was both a comedy and a trgedy at the same time. We could either laugh at the abyss Tyler Durdens life had become or cry with him. I loved exploring people such as Nietzsche and seeing the correlation between his thoughts and beliefs and how the film incorporated them so naturally into the story line whether it be through, prop or cinematography.

“We’re consumers. We are by-products of a lifestyle obsession. Murder, crime, poverty, these things don’t concern me. What concerns me are celebrity magazines, television with 500 channels, some guy’s name on my underwear. Rogaine, Viagra, Olestra.”Scene 16. Jack/the Narrator and Tyler meet at Lou’s Tavern after Jack/the Narrator finds that his condominium has been destroyed.

I first started to look into existentialism as a whole to firstly make sure I understood the basic concepts. Looking firstly into essentialism from Plato and Aristotle and how it was then overturned by people like Neitzche and Sartre who questioning the very foundations of existentialism, believing we write our own paths rather than it being written for us. Moving us into Nietzches notion of ‘god is dead’ lacking any religious belief and moving into Nihilism and Camus ‘Absurdism’.  When we as people realise we have no purpose and are basically absolute in the grand scheme of things. Our lives are basically meaningless.

I obviously wanted to focus all this into animations but as I began to learn and understand this information there was always one show that gripped me. It had all these ideas and more shown within nearly every episode. Rick and Morty was the only way I could take this as it lives and breathes existentialism, nihilism and absurdism…



We have now drawn out all of the storyboard and scanned in our work. I spent time cleaning up my drawings as did Jane. We hope to have all the coloring done by Tuesday afternoon and will be doing this as a group as I am not confident in Photoshop when it comes to things like this so Jane said she would be able to help me with that as did James. I am confident that our work will work well all together as we have all kept to the similar design of  the James character I designed and it will be interesting  to see how we each interpreted the narrative. So that we begin to put the actual making of together. I am hoping to have a small animatic type movie to present at the end of this as well as the overall making of video.

2017-05-08 (5).png

The last 1 minute and 30 seconds…

Run and Jump Progression

After speaking to James and getting help from the graph. I have been able to change the ark when the character jumps. As before it seemed to glide though the air whereas now you can see him gain and loose speed. I also changed the y axis of the whole run as he did run quite low. So by doing this I can now illustrate the low bounce before he jumps. This has been really useful to focus on for this lesson. I now need to finish the last part of the jump. maya 4